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Jon Waltman  committed c1be082

Update config for Texinfo

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File sphinx/builders/__init__.py

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     'latex':      ('latex', 'LaTeXBuilder'),
     'text':       ('text', 'TextBuilder'),
     'man':        ('manpage', 'ManualPageBuilder'),
+    'texinfo':    ('texinfo', 'TexinfoBuilder'),
     'changes':    ('changes', 'ChangesBuilder'),
     'linkcheck':  ('linkcheck', 'CheckExternalLinksBuilder'),
     'websupport': ('websupport', 'WebSupportBuilder'),

File sphinx/config.py

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         # manpage options
         man_pages = ([], None),
+        # Texinfo options
+        texinfo_documents = ([], None),
+        texinfo_appendices = ([], None),
+        texinfo_elements = ({}, None),
+        texinfo_domain_indices = (True, None),
     def __init__(self, dirname, filename, overrides, tags):

File sphinx/quickstart.py

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     ('%(master_str)s', '%(project_manpage)s', u'%(project_doc)s',
      [u'%(author_str)s'], 1)
+# -- Options for Texinfo output ------------------------------------------------
+# Grouping the document tree into Texinfo files. List of tuples
+# (source start file, target name, title, author,
+#  dir menu entry, description, category)
+texinfo_documents = [
+  ('%(master_str)s', '%(project_fn)s', u'%(project_doc)s',
+   u'%(author_str)s', '%(project_fn)s',
+   'One line description of project.', 'Miscellaneous'),
+# Documents to append as an appendix to all manuals.
+texinfo_appendices = []
 \t@echo "  latexpdf   to make LaTeX files and run them through pdflatex"
 \t@echo "  text       to make text files"
 \t@echo "  man        to make manual pages"
+\t@echo "  texinfo    to make Texinfo files"
+\t@echo "  info       to make Texinfo files and run them through makeinfo"
 \t@echo "  gettext    to make PO message catalogs"
 \t@echo "  changes    to make an overview of all changed/added/deprecated items"
 \t@echo "  linkcheck  to check all external links for integrity"
 \t@echo "Build finished. The manual pages are in $(BUILDDIR)/man."
+\t$(SPHINXBUILD) -b texinfo $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/texinfo
+\t@echo "Build finished. The Texinfo files are in $(BUILDDIR)/texinfo."
+\t@echo "Run \\`make' in that directory to run these through makeinfo" \\
+\t      "(use \\`make info' here to do that automatically)."
+\t$(SPHINXBUILD) -b texinfo $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/texinfo
+\t@echo "Running Texinfo files through makeinfo..."
+\tmake -C $(BUILDDIR)/texinfo info
+\t@echo "makeinfo finished; the Info files are in $(BUILDDIR)/texinfo."
 \t$(SPHINXBUILD) -b gettext $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/locale