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I am new to ADAS and trying to understand the code flow for the lane keep demo. From the documentation available i can understand that it makes use of an image processing pipeline to extract lanes and path following control algorithm to generate brake, throttle and steering commands to follow the lane. I have successfully setup the dbw simulator and i am able to see the car moving in gazebo. Also if i want to make changes in the simulator code, can you please guide me where i can get the source code for the same or if you can guide me with the right platform for the same.

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  1. Micho Radovnikovich

    For the time being, the simulator code is closed-source. The purpose of the simulator is to:

    • Demonstrate how the ROS driver node for the real vehicle can interface to the Gazebo simulation of the vehicle using the emulated CAN interface
    • Demonstrate how to bolt on simulated sensors like GPS and cameras using the provided URDF files

    The provided launch, YAML, and URDF files can be found in the /opt/ros/kinetic/share folder. To configure your own simulation configurations, it is recommended to create a new ROS package to contain modified copies of these provided files.

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