Pan operation is not working in Gazebo GUI for dbw_mkz_simulator

Issue #16 resolved
Vishnu Rudrasamudram created an issue


I am trying to to go to a specific point in gazebo gui which loads using pan operation. But, it is not working at all. The other operations like zoom and rotate are working properly. I have checked with other applications (other than dbw_mkz), the pan is working. Could you please help me resolve this issue.

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  1. Micho Radovnikovich

    Hi Vishnu,

    This is the intended behavior of the camera control plugin. It is meant to control the camera to automatically follow the vehicle, and thereby doesn't let the user move the center of the view point. You can disable this dynamically in rqt_reconfigure, or at runtime by setting the use_camera_control argument of dbw_mkz_gazebo.launch to false. See Section 4.1 of the documentation for more details.

    I hope this helps!

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