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kudoukidd created an issue

Hello, "SteeringShifterDatasheet-RevA13.pdf" & "FAQ.pdf" from ADAS_Kit_20180606 says that the steering wheel angle velocity must be in (-50, 50), which may make it difficult to perform a sharp turn. But the value 0∈(-50, 50) also means "500" in CAN protocol. and is used as SVEL in joystick demo, in which the steering wheel can steers pretty fast. Is it a bug caused by a multiple defined value or designed delicately that the velocity must be one of (-50, 50) or 500, not(-498,50] or [50, 498) ? Does it safe to use the 0 value to perform fast steering control?

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  1. Micho Radovnikovich

    The (-50, 50) degrees per second limit you're referring to is the condition of engaging autonomous steering control. This means the system will not allow you to engage steering control unless the current velocity of the steering wheel is less than 50 degrees per second.

    Once the system is engaged, the drive-by-wire system can move the steering wheel up to the maximum controllable rate of 500 degrees per second.

    I hope this helps!

  2. kudoukidd reporter

    I am not a good English speaker and misunderstood the word "engaging"

    Thanks for your reply!

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