GPU Mode - very roughly resoluted scans in the shape of a triangle

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Bjarne Johannsen created an issue



The GPU mode is really helpful, but it means that the scans in medium to long distance are no longer really usable. Algorithms cannot be tested realistically. Only when the GPU delivers similar results as the software mode, it is really usable. Is there already a solution for this problem?



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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck

    Confirmed in Gazebo 7.14.0 and 9.5.0 on my laptop with GTX 970M

    The problem is probably with Gazebo and not this ROS node because the same exact same code is used for CPU/GPU. Is there anything like this on the Gazebo issue tracker?

  2. chao ban

    Did you solved this problem? Since I meet the same problem during my simulation. I’m using Gazebo 7.16.0. My CPU will be overloaded without GPU support.

  3. Michael Gao

    I have the same problem using Gazebo9.17. The quality of the point cloud produced by GPU is awful.

  4. Bjarne Johannsen reporter

    Nothing ever changed, sadly. I don’t have the gazebo knowledge to fix it myself.

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