Horizontal angle gap/leap every Rotation for VLP-16

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Linying Zhang created an issue


Thank you very much for your simulator, but there is a problem that really confusing me and I did not find the reason and the solution.

In order to set the horizontal angle resolution of 0.4 degree, I assigned the Samples as 900 in example.urdf.xacro :

<VLP-16 parent="base_link" name="velodyne" topic="/velodyne_points" hz="10" samples="900" gpu="${gpu}">

I checked the output data PointCloud2, all others spacing between adjacent angle are 0.4 degree, but there is always a leap between the end and the next begin:

The max angle is always stopped at 355.19 degree (or 175.19 degree for the range from -180deg to 180 deg). It seems like there is always a leap of approx. 4.8 degree (for 12 points). For example:

..... 352.790000000000 353.190000000000 353.590000000000 353.990000000000 354.390000000000 354.790000000000 355.190000000000 0 0.400000000000000 0.800000000000000 1.20000000000000 1.60000000000000 2 .....

The horizontal angle data are periodic with a cycle of 888, not 900.

Could you please tell me the reason and solution?

Thanks a lot in advance and looking forward to your response.

Best regards, Linying

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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck

    I haven't been able to reproduce your report of missing points. I'm always getting the full 900 points. Could an object in the simulation be blocking that range of points?

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