VLP-16 Simulator doesn't appear to be working in complex sceneries ( e.g. VRC terrain)

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Bart Gallet created an issue


First of, I am relatively new to Gazebo - I am just starting to get into it, so the issue I am experiencing could be self-inflicting.

I have attached some files to reproduce the issue.

I am using ROS Kinetic and Gazebo 7 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

When I place the VLP-16 model in the vrc_driving_terrain model, suddenly Gazebo is no longer publishing anything anymore (state publisher, point cloud, clock, etc.).



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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck

    It is possible that Gazebo can't handle that much data. Try reducing the number of samples in the urdf. See issue #2.

    I should probably make a parameter for the number of samples.

  2. Kevin Hallenbeck

    I was able to reproduce your problem with the provided world file.

    Gazebo appears to hang, but really it is taking a very long time to compute the ray sensor data. When I set the VLP-16 samples="20" in example.urdf, gazebo published data once every 2 seconds.

    It must take significantly longer to compute ray sensor collisions on the vrc_driving_terrain heightmap. I don't think there is anything that this repository can do to speed that up.

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