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Okay, so. I have looked at https://bitbucket.org/DataspeedInc/velodyne_simulator/branch/gonzalodepedro/foxy-devel

It was indeed a Dashing version, not a Foxy version. It was showing some deprecated warnings and there were some other issues. I made a new fork and updated it. The changes I’ve made are:


  • Added env-hooks

  • Simplified CMake

  • Ppdated the launch file to be easier to read and more in line with other Foxy launch files

  • Updated the Rviz file (still subscribed to move_base/goal for example)

  • Updated the VLP and HDL urdfs to work with the changes made to the velodyne laser plugin. Also changed them to be more in line with gazebo_ros plugins and use the namespace provided that way.


  • Renamed the header file from .h to .hpp to be more in line with ROS 2 standard

  • Removed the robotNamespace element (it wasn’t used anywhere)

  • Used a gazebo_ros utils command to set the frame name to either the supplied name, or defaulting to the name of the sensor (instead of defaulting to /world)

  • Renamed the frameName parameter to frame_name to be more in line with ROS 2 standard

  • Renamed the gaussianNoise parameter to gaussian_noise to be more in line with ROS 2 standard

  • Removed topicName and instead have it set by remapping, to be more in line with all the gazebo_ros plugins in ROS 2.

I think this combined version of the original work of Gonzalo and my changes to make it work fully with Foxy is the best version of the 2 foxy branches that exist now. My advice would also be to merge this and rename it to foxy-devel and just simply remove my branch.

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