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This is a customized version of the SDL 2.x source code, geared towards porting it to WinRT.

IMPORTANT UPDATE, Nov 29, 2015: This codebase has, by and large, been merged into the official, SDL repo (at Future commits to SDL/WinRT will largely be made there, instead of here, although experimental features may be posted here, from time to time.

Experimental, "named" branches with newer features are still being maintained here. This includes:

XAML integration,
available in the "xaml" branch
(browse), (commits),
hg clone -b xaml

Please see the Mercurial documentation's section on Named Branches, for details on how to get the code from a named branch.

Feedback on these experimental branches are definitely welcome. :-)

Key Design Goals

  • provide a version of SDL suitable for porting apps for distribution via the Windows Store (for Windows 8.x, RT, and Windows Phone 8.x)
  • minimize changes to non-WinRT and non-Windows portions of SDL's code

Progress and Documentation

UPDATE, Nov 2, 2014: SDL/WinRT progress and setup docs are now listed in SDL's, the latest copy of which can be found at (a raw-text/direct-download copy is available at: Feedback on this welcomed!

Sample Port: Doom / PrBoom

On a Surface RT (Windows RT)

Doom 1 on a Surface RT

On a Lumia 520 (Windows Phone 8)

Doom 1 on Windows Phone

More information on this port, including source code, is available at