Clojars Project

Some statistical functions based on the binomial distribution.

It has the nice property that it can handle very large numbers due to implicit use of BigIntegers and BigDecimals. Some of the examples in the test file for such results.


Grab it from Clojars and put it in your project. clj file as:

[binom-stats "0.1.2"]


The library exports the following functions:

  • binomial
  • binomial-probability
  • cumulative-binomial-probability
  • binomial-confidence-limits
  • sign-test

Rather than copy information about these functions here from standard statistical texts, consult one of those texts directly. The doc-strings for the functions themselves provide a very abbreviated description.

The library also exports some static functions for use in Java as:

  • binomial
  • binomialProbability
  • cumulativeBinomialProbability
  • signTest

The arguments and usage are the same as the Clojure versions of the functions. Just import the jar file to use them. These have not been tested in this version.


See the test file for some examples of usage and correct results.


None that I am aware of at this time.


Copyright © 2017 David D. Clark

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.