Clich is a very simple, small, in-browser Rich Text Editor written in ClojureScript.


I saw Jared Reich's Pell editor on GitHub and was blown away by how much could be done with such a small program. Then, I thought "Too bad it's in JavaScript." So, I decided to see if I could write something similar in a nice language like ClojureScript.

What's It Good For

Not much. It's a demo. I wouldn't try to write a novel with it, or even a blog post. But, if you need something to capture small notes quickly, it might do.


A Leiningen script is included to build the project.

Dependencies and Size

Clich is not free of dependencies like Pell. Clich uses the excellent Reagent libraray and, thus, pulls in React too. The ClojureScript and CSS are just a few hundred lines, similar to Pell. But the additional dependencies swell the production build to about 4MB.

Development mode

To start the Figwheel compiler, navigate to the project folder and run the following command in the terminal:

lein figwheel

Figwheel will automatically push cljs changes to the browser. Once Figwheel starts up, you should be able to open the public/index.html page in the browser.

Building for production

lein clean
lein package

To run the demo, open the public/index.html file in the browser of your choice.