The Free Software 
                        Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell
                          2001-2013 (c) HAYAMA,Kaoru

"NYAOS" is the tcsh-like enhanced commandline shell for Windows and OS/2 !

- Line-editor
- History
- File and command name completion fit to Windows-filesystem
- Colored ls
- Alias
- Functions
- key-bind customization
- Commands' output can be quoted to commandline with back-quotations.
- DBCS(Double Byte Charactor Systems) are supported.
- CMD.EXE is not required. It runs standalone.
- Powered by Lua 5.2.1 which extends shell.
- Free Software. GNU General Public License

NYAOS supports the environments as below:

- Windows XP SP3 or later, 
- OS/2 Warp 4.5 and emx.dll(0.9d or later)

Repository: (nyaos.exe's source ) (Lua extensions)