== Quick Start ==
Check out the django source's 'django' dir to this directory:

    svn co django

Link migratory to the contrib apps:

    ln -s `pwd`/migratory django/contrib/migratory

== Testing ==
Create the database "migratory-test", unless you're using sqlite3.
And then run the tests:

    cd test_project
    ./test <backend>
Where backend is 'postgresql_psycopg2', 'postgresql', 'mysql', or 'sqlite3'.

In reality, the backend dictates wich of the settings_<backend>.py are used, 
so if you made your own settings_<backend>.py, for instance 
"", you'd run "./test local" in your shell.

You can also specify where to stop the tests, this will stop after the fourth

    ./test local 04
== App Layout ==
The main entry points to the app are events hooked in migratory/ and 
the ./ command 'migrate' in migratory/management/commands/