1. Brantley Harris
  2. onpython3yet



A website to track the priority of migrating packages to Python 3

(it's probably not working yet)


Make sure you have virtualenv installed then build a local environment with:

$ python setup_local_project.py

Create a scratch database in PostgreSQL:

$ createuser -DSR -U postgres onpython3yet_dev
$ createdb -U postgres -O onpython3yet_dev onpython3yet_dev

Synchronize your database with the code:

$ ./env/bin/python onpython3yet/manage.py syncdb

And start a development server:

$ ./env/bin/python onpython3yet/manage.py runserver


Create a scratch database for testing in PostgreSQL:

$ createuser -DSR -U postgres onpython3yet_test
$ createdb -U postgres -O onpython3yet_test onpython3yet_test

To run tests, install tox and run:

$ tox