This is how to get the application up and running.


You can find current version of the game running at my site (all games).

In case something is broken there you can download the game binaries from this repository. Just download everything from the "bin" folder.

If something doesn't work, try to check file's rights to execute each other or/and put everything to some server.

Setting up

  • Get source code from this repository
  • Create "lib" folder near the "src" and "assets" ones
  • Add Starling and Feathers "*.swc" files to the "lib" folder. Application tested and works with Feathers version 2.1.1 and Starling version 1.6.0.
  • Use any of flash compilling tool (Flash Develop for example) and don't forget to add *.swc libraries to the project.
  • Also the game uses music by pierrecartoons1979 that could be found here.

By default music should be placed to the "assets" folder (created near others) with the name "bg_music.mp3" and obviously in MP3 format.

To convert music you can use any of online music convertors.