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Update page example and add foo part

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File ideas/page-dir/src/a-nice-page/

+this is [foo](page:a-nice-page)

File ideas/page-dir/src/a-nice-page/page.scm

-;; (with-input-from-file "" read-markdown)
-;; Adds an entry to a global (pages) alist parameter. The key will be
-;; the directory this file lives in (i.e. "/a-nice-page"), the value
-;; will be a page record (much like the one in hyde).
   extension: "html" ;; (match-pages '((* extension: "html")))
   title: "A nice page"
   ;; this is the default
-  ;;  render: (list (with-template (part 'content 'index) 'default))
-  render: (list default-content-renderer))
+  render: (list default-content-renderer
+                (part 'foo)))