Moritz Heidkamp committed 842dd98

rename `destination-channel` to `receiving-channel` in `make-receiving-channel`

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       (queue-add! (channel-on-drain-handlers channel) thunk)))
 (define (make-receiving-channel source-channel on-receive)
-  (let ((destination-channel (make-channel)))
+  (let ((receiving-channel (make-channel)))
      (lambda (message)
-       (on-receive destination-channel message)))
+       (on-receive receiving-channel message)))
-     destination-channel
+     receiving-channel
      (lambda ()
        (channel-close! source-channel)))
-    destination-channel))
+    receiving-channel))
 (define (channel-fold! channel proc seed)
   (let ((accumulator (make-mutex)))
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