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Add enclosed-by

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  sequence sequence*
  repeated zero-or-more one-or-more
  any-of all-of none-of
- preceded-by followed-by
+ preceded-by followed-by enclosed-by
 (import chicken scheme)
           (and-let* ((value ((car following) input)))
             (loop (cdr following) (cdr value)))))))
+(define (enclosed-by open content close)
+  (sequence* ((_ open) (value content) (_ close))
+    (result value)))
 (define (->parser object)
   (cond ((procedure? object) object)
         ((char-set? object) (satisfies object))
   (test-parse #\b (all-of (none-of (is #\a)) (is #\b)) "b")
   (test-parse #f (all-of (none-of (is #\a)) (is #\b)) "a"))
+(test-group "enclosed-by"
+  (let ((parenthesized (enclosed-by (is #\() (is #\x) (is #\)))))
+    (test-parse #\x parenthesized "(x)")
+    (test-parse #f parenthesized "(x/")
+    (test-parse #f parenthesized "()")))
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