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Peter Bex  committed f2ca8d8

Update henrietta-cache so it doesn't get tripped up by Apache's extra newlines

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                   (base-uri (update-uri original-uri
                                         path: (if (string=? "" (last path))
-                                                  `(,@path "")))))
-             (download-files-from-list base-uri (cdr lines) cache-dir)))
+                                                  `(,@path ""))))
+                  ;; This works around a strange thing (another one, sigh)
+                  ;; that apache-served stuff causes http-client to see an
+                  ;; extra \r after the end.  Look into this!
+		  (files (delete "" (cdr lines))))
+             (download-files-from-list base-uri files cache-dir)))
        (e (exn http)
           (error (sprintf "Could not download files-list \"~A\" -- ~A\n"
                           uri (get-condition-property e 'exn 'message))))))