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+(defproject jdbam "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT"
+  :description "Clojure JDBM binding"
+  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.4.0"]
+                 [org.apache.jdbm/jdbm "3.0-alpha4"]])


+(ns jdbam.core
+  (:import [org.apache.jdbm DBMaker]))
+(defn open-db [file & {:keys [close-on-exit] :or {:close-on-exit true}}]
+  (let [maker (DBMaker/openFile file)
+        maker (if close-on-exit
+                (.closeOnExit maker)
+                maker)]
+    (.make maker)))
+(defn get-collection [db coll]
+  (let [coll (name coll)]
+    {:db db
+     :map (or (.getTreeMap db coll)
+              (.createTreeMap db coll))}))
+(defmacro with-transaction [db & body]
+  `(let [db# ~db]
+     (try
+       (when (do ~@body)
+         (.commit db#)
+         true)
+       (catch Throwable e#
+         (.rollback db#)
+         (throw e#)))))
+(defn put! [coll key value]
+  (with-transaction (:db coll)
+    (.put (:map coll) (name key) (pr-str value))
+    true))
+(defn fetch [coll key & [not-found]]
+  (if-let [value (.get (:map coll) (name key))]
+    (read-string value)
+    not-found))
+(defn update! [coll key update & args]
+  (let [key (name key)
+        coll*  (:map coll)
+        update (fn [value]
+                 (pr-str (apply update value args)))
+        value  (or (.get coll* key)
+                   (.putIfAbsent coll* key (update nil)))]
+    (when value
+      (loop [value (read-string value)]
+        (or (with-transaction (:db coll)
+              (.replace coll* key (pr-str value) (update value)))
+            (recur (fetch coll key)))))))


+(ns jdbam.test.core
+  (:use [jdbam.core])
+  (:use [clojure.test]))
+(deftest replace-me ;; FIXME: write
+  (is false "No tests have been written."))
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