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Implement lazy-each (side-effect centric eager iteration)

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  lazy-seq->list list->lazy-seq
  lazy-head lazy-tail
  lazy-take lazy-drop lazy-ref
- lazy-map lazy-filter
+ lazy-map lazy-filter lazy-each
       (lazy-head seq)
       (lazy-ref (- n 1) (lazy-tail seq))))
+(define (lazy-each proc . seqs)
+  (unless (any lazy-null? seqs)
+    (apply proc (map lazy-head seqs))
+    (apply lazy-each proc (map lazy-tail seqs))))
 (define (input-port->lazy-seq port read)
   (let loop ()
      (open-input-string "")
+(test-group "lazy-each"
+  (define sum 0)
+  (lazy-each (lambda (i)
+               (set! sum (+ i sum)))
+             (lazy-numbers count: 5))
+  (test sum (fold + 0 (iota 5))))
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