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Fix alphanumeric-ascii to include uppercase letters, too.

Thanks to Markus Klotzbuecher for pointing this out!

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     (result code)))
 (define alphanumeric-ascii
-  (in #[a-za-z0-9]))
+  (in #[a-zA-Z0-9]))
 (define entity
   (->> (enclosed-by (is #\&)
                     (any-of (sequence (is #\#)
                                       (in (char-set #\x #\x))
-                                      (one-or-more (in #[0-9a-fa-f])))
+                                      (one-or-more (in char-set:hex-digit)))
                             (sequence (is #\#)
                                       (one-or-more (in #[0-9])))
                             (one-or-more alphanumeric-ascii))
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