Moritz Heidkamp  committed ea3e5f2

Drop vector-lib dependency

Thanks to Felix Winkelmann for the hint

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 ((synopsis "A JSON parser (and emitter) built with comparse")
  (author "Moritz Heidkamp")
  (test-depends test)
- (needs (comparse 0.0.4) vector-lib)
+ (needs (comparse 0.0.4))
  (category parsing)
  (license "BSD"))
      (only srfi-1 cons* find remove)
      (only data-structures compose constantly identity alist-ref conc string-translate*)
      (only srfi-13 string-pad)
-     (only vector-lib vector-for-each)
      (only ports with-output-to-port with-output-to-string))
+(define (vector-for-each proc vec)
+  (let ((len (vector-length vec)))
+    (do ((i 0 (fx+ i 1)))
+        ((fx>= i len))
+      (proc (vector-ref vec i)))))
 (define json-parsers
   (make-parameter `((string . ,identity)
                     (number . ,string->number)