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Moritz Heidkamp  committed 6c6730e

Make write-plan-dot handle non-symbolic step names

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 (define (write-plan-dot plan #!optional (out (current-output-port)) (name "plan"))
   @("Writes a Graphviz {{DOT}} representation of {{plan}} to the given {{out}} port."
-  (fprintf out "digraph ~S {~%" name)
+  (fprintf out "digraph ~S {~%" (->string name))
   (for-each (lambda (step)
-              (let ((name (symbol->string (car step))))
+              (let ((name (->string (car step))))
                 (for-each (lambda (dep)
-                            (fprintf out " ~S -> ~S;~%" (symbol->string dep) name)) ;
+                            (fprintf out " ~S -> ~S;~%" dep name)) ;
                           (or (cadr step) '()))))
             (plan-steps plan))
   (fprintf out "}~%"))