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Merge branch '3.2' of ssh:// into 3.2

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     (send-message a (u8vector->blob (u8vector 102 111 111)))
     (test "foo" (receive-message b))))
+ "multipart messages"
+ (receive (a b)
+     (make-bound-socket-pair 'push 'pull)
+   (send-message a "bah")
+   (send-message a "foo" send-more: #t)
+   (send-message a "bar")
+   (test #f (socket-rcvmore? b))
+   (test "bah" (receive-message b)) (test #f (socket-rcvmore? b))
+   (test "foo" (receive-message b)) (test #t (socket-rcvmore? b))
+   (test "bar" (receive-message b)) (test #f (socket-rcvmore? b))
+   ))
 (test-group "receiving messages blockingly without blocking the whole process"
   (receive (a b)
       (make-bound-socket-pair 'push 'pull)
+ socket-rcvmore?
 (define (socket-fd socket)
   (%socket-option 'socket-fd int "int" socket 'fd))
+(define (socket-rcvmore? socket)
+  (%socket-option 'socket-more? bool "int" socket 'rcvmore))
 ;; communication
 ;; using zmq_send and not zmq_msg_send. zmq_send does memcpy so we
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