This is a program that imports laborsheets exported from a ECMS machine (AS400 I believe) into a MySQL db. The db is then read into a Excel datasheet, from which job reports can be generated.

Note: This will not work on Linux of any kind. It uses a certain database provider to read the xls laborsheets that isn't available on Linux (The provider in question is from Microsoft). Unless you'd like to track down those dll's on windows and then copy it over to Linux.

How to:

First we'll need a few things:

  • MySQL's ODBC connector (the architecture of your MS Office is the one to go, pick x86 if unsure).
  • A MySQL server, preferably installed on the localhost (it will make things easier).

Setting up the MySQL server:

  • User 'labor' with a password 'password' (unless you want/can edit some codes, update the Excel data connections, and update the DbCreate.sql file).
  • Run the DbCreate.sql file on the server (it's in the root folder of the solution).

Run the program:

  • First you might want to update config.xml (probably the one in LaborCost_DB\bin\Release, otherwise if you're building the project, msvc will copy the config.xml in LaborCost_BD to the output dir) to the folder that contains all your laborsheets.
  • Then run the program. It might take a while depending on how much there is to insert.

Open 'Labor Reports.xlsx':

  • Open the Data tab, then click on 'Refresh All'.

The data from your laborsheets should now appear in Excel! :D

When you have more sheets to add:

  • Just run the program again, it'll figure out which ones were added or updated from the last run and it'll proceed accordingly
  • Open up the labor reports, then go to the Data tab, then click on 'Refresh All'.