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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics (/PythonBasics/Basics.ipynb)
  3. Download and plot Temperature data from LOBO buoy (/LOBO/LOBOtutorial.ipynb)
  4. Simple filtering of a time-series (/LOBO/LOBO_signalProcessing.ipynb)
  5. Installing packages (/PythonBasics/InstallingPackages.ipynb)
  6. Basemap (/AdvancedPackages/Basemap.ipynb)
  7. OpenDAP, Gloabl RTOFS Model (/GlobalRTOFS/SimpleMap.ipynb)
  8. Quiver Plot (currents), LOBO Buoy (/LOBO/LOBO_Currents_QuiverPlot.ipynb)
  9. NPZ modelling (/NPZmodel/NPZmodel.ipynb)