image_user objects for the textures in this file are set up as for 100 frame long animations

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Shaun Collins created an issue


I am reporting a potential problem with how DAZ_IMPORTER plugin imports textures into blender, I have been researching a problem with blender and I would like to know if your importer is suppose to be importing textures as an “animated texture”? which seems to be occurring, this is causing a lot of problem for cycles render system, the textures are support to be single frame, not 100 frames long.

I have completed a bug request that blender was crashing with Persistent Images enabled.
My report is about abusive memory usage that may be caused by how your importer brings textures into blender
Please take a look at my Report at the following link

I have spoken to the blender developers and the developer says my file has issues with how textures were imported.
they mention that the textures have been setup when importing as “Animated textures” and that when I render animation in blender with persistent images enabled the memory usage increases at an alarming rate.

The developer has provided me with a script to revert the textures back to 1 frame.
You can find the script on the link above, I hope you take the time to look at the code to see if your plugin is in error when creating textures?

if you have any questions please let me know.



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  1. Thomas Larsson repo owner

    Never heard of image_user before. However, settings the number of frames to 1 was straightforward, so I did that. Hopefully this solves the problem.

  2. Shaun Collins reporter

    Hi Thomas,

    Thankyou for looking into the frames problem I have reported.

    Can you kindly explain about the bug report you sent to blender?

    You gave them a script and a linenode.image_user.frame_duration

    Are you hoping that blender Devs are able to change something in their software? Or was your script and the info on bug tracker for blender just for help users like me?

    Your latest plugin download, would this issue be resolved?

    I am just confused about the reason you wrote the bug tracker on

  3. Thomas Larsson repo owner

    I pointed out that if you create a texture node from python, and don’t change the default settings, you get a 100 frames long animation, even though the source is a single image. Since that apparently gives rise to severe performance problems, yes, I think they should change the default. The Daz importer should be fine anyway now, but it is not obvious for other scripters that you need to change the frame_duration, especially since you don’t see it when you look at the node.

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