Render Eevee, some garbage on the screen

Issue #1298 invalid
Kristina created an issue

Blender 3.4, diffeomorphic version 1.6.2

Victoriya 9 HD for Genesis 9

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  1. Maneki

    That’s due to volumetric skin which is for Cycles only. You have to change it in the general settings or during import select another option for the materials when you plan to use EEVEE.

  2. Maneki

    If you plan to use EEVEE generally it makes sense to change in the general settings, otherwise you can do it in the “easy import” tab too:

  3. Maneki

    You need to change the material solution which in my case is on “BSDF (Cycles only)”. As you can already read that one is ONLY for Cycles and can’t be used for EEVEE. You can pick anything else. It usually comes down to performance better or fidelity better, try it out to figure out the best for yourself.

  4. Alessandro Padovani

    For eevee it is better to use the extended principled option, since bsdf can’t preserve screen effects. If there’s nothing to add please close as invalid since this is not a bug.

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