how to resize textures with eevee

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Alessandro Padovani created an issue

This is something I came by and I want to share because it may be not so obvious.

We know we can set the texture limit in the simplify panel to save vram and render fast with the gpu. This is especially needed for daz assets that tend to use 4K textures so it’s common for a daz scene to go outside the gpu vram.

Unfortunately this only works with cycles, because eevee doesn’t get the texture limit option in the simplify panel. But, we also get a texture limit option in the viewport preferences, and this will affect eevee. Below an example with eevee at 256 and 1024 texture resolution.

Be aware that for some reason the render preview is also affected by the viewport texture limit, personally I believe this is a bug in blender. Nevertheless this is only the preview, the rendering itself is not affected and if you save your picture you’ll get it nice and clean. Below an example with a 256 texture limit to better show the issue.

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  1. Alessandro Padovani reporter

    It may be also worth noting that the viewport limit doesn’t affect cycles, it only affects eevee. Below there’s a cycles rendering with a 256 viewport limit, the textures are hi-res in cycles anyway, because I didn’t use the simplify limit. So the simplify limit for cycles and the viewport limit for eevee are independent.

    Please note that the render preview issue is there in cycles too though, so we’ll see a bad preview but the rendering is fine once we save the picture.

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