This WHMCS addon module provides OATH-based two-factor authentication. You'd normally use this with a mobile app, like Google Authenticator (Free, iOS / Android).

If you are logged in as an admin, client area two-factor authentication will be bypassed.


To install, simply download the latest release, unzip it, and upload the modules and templates folders to your WHMCS root directory. If you use a WHMCS template besides "default", you'll need to add a link to "index.php?m=oath" somewhere within your WHMCS templates to allow clients to configure their two-factor authentication settings.

Once uploaded, go to Setup > Addon Modules in your admin area and click Activate for the "OATH Two Factor Authentication" entry. Once activated, click Configure to customize your settings.

When enabling two-factor authentication for administrators, the "Yes" option will make it optional, while "Required" will require all admins to enable two-factor authentication on their next login. You must tick off the admin role permission boxes next to the roles that you want to have access to two-factor authentication.


If you discover any issues or bugs, please report them on the issue tracker.


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This module is licensed under GPLv3. See GPLv3.txt for complete license terms.