make wadseeeker independent again! (#3280)

#80 Declined
  1. Pol Marcet

Ok, so on linux now it (should) work. On windows it won’t due to some include errors I could not figure out, I’ve included a commit solving other errors.

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  1. Zalewa

    After checking out this PR and reconfiguring the project I noticed that wadseeker_DIR option appears even though the FORCE_INTERNAL_WADSEEKER option is enabled. This shouldn’t happen.

    1. Pol Marcet author

      Huh, ok, did not catch that

      EDIT: I have not addressed this yet.
      EDIT2: Setting it to “YES” and making a new dir and configuring cmake doesn’t show said option. I’d say it’s solved.

    1. Pol Marcet author

      At the end it was a lot more complicated than expected, but at least I got it to work on windows. I have not tested if it breaks linux, I’ll do that tomorrow (aka, today, but once I have slept)

  2. Pol Marcet author

    Ok, it works now. Also, Wadseeker retains the ability to use the internal libraries (ZLIB and BZIP2). This means that if you want to be able to use them and don’t depend on the system ones the “dependencies“ folder must be copied.
    I’ll add this to the release script.

    EDIT: Oh shit, here we go again… On linux internal dependencies break for some reason.
    EDIT2: Wtf, I cleaned the enviorment and now it works?! I’m gonna pretend that that didn’t happen and assume it was just cmake’s fault.