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PowerGrasp is an archiver and file manager which supports such archive types as ZIP, RAR and tar. PowerGrasp is available on Google Play free of charge.

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How to get in touch with the developer

If you find a bug or if you have an idea, please file an issue to the issue tracker. No registration is required to file an issue or to search in existing ones (that's convenient, thanks, bitbucket!). Any constructive feedback is appreciated!

Development blog is a place where I post all the important updates to my applications and also other cool stuff about my programs which I feel is worth telling. You can drop a comment there if you want to.

You can also reach me at the following address: malcolm [dot] soft [at] gmail [dot] com. Right now I'm not getting much mail, so I'll try to answer all the emails you send me.

For those who know Russian, there's one more option: there is a thread for PowerGrasp on forum, and you can leave me a message there.