A utility to patch VirtualBox .vdi files

This is a quick C app I made to write content directly to VirtualBox disk image (.vdi) files.

Usage: patch_vdi disk.vdi patch.bin

Some documentation on the structure of a .vdi file:

What can patch_vdi do?

  • Currently works only with fixed size virtual disks, do not try it with a dynamical growing disk!
  • Use it to write content directly to the sector(s) of the virtual disk image
  • Currently writes the entire contents of the .bin file, starting at sector 0, the first sector of the virtual disk image

You will need

  • VirtualBox - tested on 4.3.36_Debian r105129
  • Configured with a fixed size .vdi virtual disk
  • To build, just run gcc
  • Alternatively, included in the repo is a Code::Blocks project file
  • Nasm or similar to generate a .bin file to write to the virtual disk

Writing content to the virtual disk

  • Attempting to boot a VirtualBox machine with a newly created disk will result in a 'No bootable medium found' error
  • A hex editor will show the .vdi file is full of zeroes
  • Generate a disk image containing suitable content: nasm -f bin -o bootsect.bin bootsect.asm
  • Patch the virtual disk: patch_vdi BootloaderTestDrive1.vdi bootsect.bin
  • Booting from the disk now shows a friendly greeting
#! Sample output:

Patching BootloaderTestDrive1.vdi with bootsect.bin
Disk image starting at offset 2097152 [0x00200000] bytes
VDI file is 6291456 [0x00600000] bytes
Disk image size 4194304 [0x00400000] bytes
Patch file is 512 [0x00000200] bytes
Patching VDI file...
512 bytes patched.

Use at your own risk

Obviously a tool of this nature could render the filesystem contained within the .vdi file useless if used improperly. I cannot be responsible for what you do to your system. Always make a backup!

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