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F3D Engine
Begin by Rémi Fragnier and Marc Delorme as an academic project in Engineering School

Easy build for Visual Studio:
	Run "premake4.exe <action>", where action can be:
		"vs2010" 	for Visual Studio 2010 (or Express)
		"vs2008"	for Visual Studio 2008 (or Express)
		"vs2005"	for Visual Studio 2005 (or Express), SharpDevelop, or MonoDevelop
		"vs2003"	for Visual Studio 2003
		"vs2002"	for Visual Studio 2002

Link dependencies:
	Respect the order:
		sfml-graphics	(dynamic)
		sfml-window		(dynamic)
		sfml-system 	(dynamic)
		sfml-main		(dynamic)
		glew32			(dynamic)

Dynamic library dependencies:
	For Windows: 

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