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Installation instructions and bump revision

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 The latest source release is:
-* `pygame-ctypes-0.07 <pygame-ctypes-0.07.tar.gz>`_, includes the
+* `pygame-ctypes-0.08.tar.gz <pygame-ctypes-0.08.tar.gz>`_, includes the
   latest snapshot of SDL-ctypes.
 In the future SDL-ctypes may also be released separately from Pygame.
     svn co svn://pygame.org/svn/pygame/branches/ctypes-soc
+You should generally **not** install Pygame-ctypes, as it will replace the
+standard Pygame package.  Because Pygame-ctypes doesn't need to compile
+anything, it can run straight from its own directory.  
+For example, on Linux, Mac OS X or Cygwin, let's say you've downloaded and
+extracted the source release to ``/home/joe/pygame-ctypes-0.08``.  Now you can
+run your existing Pygame games by including this path near the start of your
+    # Using bash:
+    PYTHONPATH=/home/joe/pygame-ctypes-0.08:$PYTHONPATH; export PYTHONPATH
+    # Using csh:
+    setenv PYTHONPATH /home/joe/pygame-ctypes-0.08:$PYTHONPATH
+    python mygame.py
+On Windows, assuming you downloaded and extracted the source release to
+    # At the command prompt:
+    set PYTHONPATH=c:\pygame-ctypes-0.08
+    python mygame.py
+Remember to set the ``PYTHONPATH`` environment variable each time you
+open a terminal or command prompt, or add it to your startup file.
+**Mac OS X users**: you should use ``pythonw``, not ``python``.

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 :address: aholkner@cs.rmit.edu.au \\\\
-:revision: 0.07
+:revision: 0.08
 :date:  August 2006
 :copyright: Copyright (c) 2006 Alex Holkner.

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-    version='0.07',
+    version='0.08',
     description='Python game and multimedia package',
     author='Alex Holkner',