Widgetster is a jQuery plugin to develop dashboard page based on widgets.

Widgetster is a re-wrote on TypeScript Gridster which was developed by Ducksboard.

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Different between Widgetster and Gridster

  • Source code of Widgetster is TypeScript, source code of Gridster is JavaScript.
  • Widgetster uses PascalCase notation for methods and options.
  • Removed option avoid_overlapped_widgets. For Widgetster it's alwasy true.
  • Removed option autogenerate_stylesheet. For Widgetster it's alwasy false. Because Gridster has a performance issues, which are related CSS Widgetster uses inline styles.
  • Removed option max_size_x.
  • Removed option namespace.
  • Added method ResizeWidgetDimensions.
  • Added row parameter to ResizeWidget method (former resize_widget).


Distributed under the MIT license.