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TheC0ller_ created an issue


i want to ask you when will be new version (8.0.0) available for download ? We are currently working on Faction server and we really like this map generator plugin, but for as will be newest version ideal decision.

Another question is about issue with generating liquid biomes. We turned off all larger water biomes (Deep & normal ocean) but it's generating. Also, factions server map is great when there are biomes without water. If i create world with factions config, there ale a lot of water, too. You might fix this problem.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. minelazz

    First, January.

    Second, your world configuration is invalid. Water is not a direct biome and will be forced to generate if you have enabled in your world settings, something you have (you need to disable the biome group)

    "biomeTypes": {
        "AQUATIC": {
          "enabled": false,
          "percentage": 0.0
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