settings folder not generating within world folder.

Issue #281 resolved
Sasha created an issue

Latest plugin version Spigot name: DeusCat

Installed latest spigot 1.12.2 build, cloned server into new directory and deleted old maps. Start the server up, EWG loads things and says done, server loads up the rest of the way and the worlds folders are created, the world folders do not contain a settings folder.

I've tried to mess with it here and there, and even tried older versions of spigot jar and older versions of EWG.

Link to settings files: none other than the default generated one from /plugins/epicworldgenerator/ link to log file:

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  1. minelazz

    Update to latest version of EWG. If it still does not work, delete the folder "EpicWorldGenerator" in the plugin folder.

  2. Sasha reporter

    The issue was caused by my, I was able to narrow it down to the level-type=, if it is set to anything other than default the settings folder within the world folder does not generate.

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