EWG Crash on launch

Issue #504 new
Rapture created an issue

Plugin version: Latest

Spigot username: pvpstryker

Issue: Each time I launch my server it crashes on launch and reboots indefinetly. No EWG Config file is created. Just crashes on launch.

Link to settings file (world-settings.json, possibly also biome settings if you have created your own): https://pastebin.com/knDtwDLD

Link to error log/crash log: https://pastebin.com/drRA8Ppp

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  1. Divinius

    The first three lines explain your problem

    ---- EpicWorldGenerator Crash Report ----
    Time: Mon May 27 04:41:36 UTC 2019
    Description: Wrong native minecraft server(NMS) version. This version is made for 1.13.2 -> 1.14.0 You are using 1_8_R3

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