Creating World/World Corruption Issue in 1.14

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Plugin version: V8.1.1

Spigot username: TheColdEmerald

Issue: Whenever I try to create a world in 1.14.X (Ive Tried All Versions with only multiverse, EWG, and worldedit) it always says “Cannot Connect to backend servers.” When i finally decided to try running /ewg createworld [the name] in the console, it came up with this:

Also whenever it makes a new EWG world on startup its usually always corrupted, or when you restart then it gets corrupted

I don’t know whats happening and if someone could please tell me that would be great!

Link to error log/crash log:

UPDATE: I got a new world to get created using multiverse but its still corrupted and has things like this:

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    Also getting the same trash generation. Online customizer always says “no data” when you click upload. I hope at $40 per copy these developers fix all the bugs before some hacker releases an open source free version. Because that’s what happens 99% of the time when the paid dev fails to deliver as advertised.

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