Crash EWG 8.1.2 with Paper 1.14.3

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Aurélien Lecurieux-clerville created an issue


Plugin version: 8.1.2

Spigot username: Nogapra

Issue: I installed the latest EWG version this morning on my test server.
I turned off my updated server paper with the latest version available namely paper-122 for the 1.14.3
I set up the plugin EWG 8.1.2 download this morning on spigot at 9:45 AM
I remove the already existing world
AND I relaunched my server.
The EWG crash report folder appeared with a file inside

Link to settings file (world-settings.json, possibly also biome settings if you have created your own): Default configuration

Link to error log/crash log:

Sorry for my english

King reguards,

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