Unlicense Database

This projet is a Public Domain database.

This project aim to create a database for various needs :


  • in memory : for simple use
  • on single archive : for convient small volumes, personnal needs or exchange
  • on file folder : for performance storage and big volumes
  • distante : for network and multiple clients


  • Table : well known design model for all purpose used with SQL queries
  • Document : convinient model to store and search in documents
  • Link : unlike foreign key in tables, links are direct references to objets, transversal query are more efficient, this approach is mostly used in graph models.


Existing databases have very week models which make extensions very difficult or impossible, this is a crucial point for modern databases. they must be multi-purpose.
Plugins will be able to add :

  • new field types
  • new index types
  • new functions
  • new connexion and query protocols