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Ignoring Py3 socket.dup method, since it's undocumented. 4 failures, 0 errors so far.

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 ANY = ANY()
+# adding dup in NOT_IMPLEMENTED since Py3 has socket.dup but doesn't appear
+# in the docs pages, so I assume that we've nothing to do with that.
-    'socket': ['CAPI', 'gethostbyaddr', 'gethostbyname_ex', 'getnameinfo'],
+    'socket': ['CAPI', 'gethostbyaddr', 'dup', 'gethostbyname_ex', 'getnameinfo'],
     'thread': ['allocate', 'exit_thread', 'interrupt_main', 'start_new'],
     'select': ANY,
     'httplib': ANY}