HTTPS SSH Plugin for libpurple

A work-in-progress plugin to login and send whispers to v2 (a.k.a. Blizzard App) users.

This plugin is written by Eion Robb using protobufs from the python-bnet repo. GPLv3+ licensed.

Login Tips

When you login from Pidgin, make sure you're already logged in to the website. Your browser window should complain about "The webpage at http://localhost:0/?ST=... can't be reached" which is the correct response; you want to copy-paste the ST=... part of the URL into the Pidgin popup window.

If instead you see a broken login screen with a blue button that says Log in to Blizzard

then you'll need to login elsewhere, then reload that page to be able to follow the login steps above.


You'll need development packages for libpurple, glib and libprotobuf-c to be able to compile.


Run the following commands from a terminal

sudo apt-get install libpurple-dev libglib2.0-dev libprotobuf-c-dev protobuf-c-compiler mercurial make;
hg clone && cd purple-battlenet;
make && sudo make install


Development builds of Windows dll's live at (you'll also need libprotobuf-c-1.dll in your Pidgin folder)

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