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Jeroen Mathon
created an issue

Ever since the latest update of rocketchat(server) had been deployed at my office, the authentication of the purple module is not working anymore.

The password and username are correct but it does not seem to be able to log into the server.

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  1. Eion Robb repo owner

    Can you get a debug log from Help->Debug Window as you're logging in to the account?

    Are you able to login via the webpage successfully still? The authentication method hasn't changed on the server? Do you know what version it was upgraded from and to?

  2. Jeroen Mathon reporter

    On Monday, July 10, 2017 10:02:58 AM CEST you wrote: Hey Robb,

    I managed to login trough the official rocketchat+ client so the credentials definetly work.

    The debug messages tell me a different story, they plain show the authentication frame which seems in order(Am not sure if they still use the hashing that your client provides, perhaps they switched hashing algorithms?) it returns me with a message telling me the credentials do not match.

    I use the following format. Username: myname@company.tld Which should work correctly.

    The client used to work for me but since we updated our server to the newest version of rockit chat it doesnt, do you know of a way where i can find the version number that the server is running?

    Otherwhise ill try to ask it.

    Beste Regards,

    Jeroen Mathon, - Linux Engineer

  3. Eion Robb repo owner

    Are you able to attach the debug log to the issue? Alternatively, would you be able to provide details of the server address so that I can have a look at the auth and compare with what the plugin does?

  4. Guidonet

    Happening to me as well. Heres the debug log. I can login fine with the fat client or the web site. I changed the username and pass in this log:

    (10:33:56) rocketchat: Got response: { "version": "0.58.4", "success": true } (10:33:56) rocketchat: got frame data: o (10:33:56) rocketchat: got frame data: a["{\"server_id\":\"0\"}"] (10:33:56) rocketchat: sending frame: ["{\"msg\":\"connect\",\"version\":\"1\",\"support\":[\"1\"]}"] (10:33:56) rocketchat: got frame data: a["{\"msg\":\"connected\",\"session\":\"L8guQryQcsxgNFKWZ\"}"] (10:33:56) rocketchat: sending frame: ["{\"msg\":\"method\",\"method\":\"login\",\"params\":[{\"user\":{\"email\":\"username\"},\"password\":{\"digest\":\"password\",\"algorithm\":\"sha-256\"}}],\"id\":\"1\"}"] (10:33:56) rocketchat: got frame data: a["{\"msg\":\"updated\",\"methods\":[\"1\"]}"] (10:33:56) rocketchat: got frame data: a["{\"msg\":\"result\",\"id\":\"1\",\"error\":{\"isClientSafe\":true,\"error\":403,\"reason\":\"User not found\",\"message\":\"User not found [403]\",\"errorType\":\"Meteor.Error\"}}"] (10:33:56) connection: Connection error on 06A5BB38 (reason: 2 description: Bad username/password)

  5. Eion Robb repo owner

    Hmm, the email/password combo is working for me on a 0.58.3 server. @Guidonet the error log there says "User not found", rather than bad password - are you entering the correct email address for the account?

  6. Eion Robb repo owner

    Ah, we're only doing an email login in the plugin. Maybe there's a different way of doing a username login now

    No, scratch that, we are doing username auth, but if your username has an @ in it, we treat it as an email address. @Guidonet the plugin thinks you're trying to login via an email address - does your username have an @ in it?

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