Proot: web app platform

- Proot home: http://www.prootweb.com/
- Documentation & guides: http://www.prootweb.com/guides/
- Source & issues: http://bitbucket.org/Eiskis/proot/
- Download
	- Latest release: https://bitbucket.org/Eiskis/proot/downloads/proot.zip
	- Development snapshot: https://bitbucket.org/Eiskis/proot/get/default.zip
- By Jerry Jäppinen
	- Released under LGPL
	- eiskis@gmail.com
	- http://eiskis.net/
	- @Eiskis


- PHP version 5.2+
- Apache with the `mod_rewrite` module (or `rewrite_module`)
- MySQL and other databases supported but not required


Move the contents of the Proot download to the public folder on your server or local development environment. Things should work out-of-the-box, and you should see an app launching when you point your browser to the location you moved Proot to ("http://localhost/path/to/proot/appname/").

Consult Proot guides (http://www.prootweb.com/guides/) for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.

Getting started

1. Copy one of the directories under "templates" to "apps". (Or duplicate one of the sample apps.)
2. Point your browser to "http://localhost/proot/:app/" (or whatever the address to your server is) - the app will start in your browser.
3. Change something in the directory you just copied.
4. Refresh the browser window and witness the results.
5. Repeat 3 and 4!
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