The calendars are printed 4-up to fit 3.5" floppy disk jewel cases, or 2-up to fit CD jewel cases.


Colours, illustrations, fonts etc are customisable. The calendars can be marked with events with date ranges (updated June 22, 2015).

Localisation possible with languages supported by babel/translator/datetime2.

Tested with british, spanish, french, ngerman, italian, portuges, polish, croatian, greek, bahasai.

bahasai (Indonesian) works with the following new or modified files in this project: - translator-language-mappings.tex - translator-months-dictionary-Indonesian.dict - datetime2-bahasai.ldf

(Use lualatex for french. If using pdflatex for greek, remember to load LGR,T1 for fontenc.)

See this blog post for more information, or open and edit a CD-sized or floppy disk-sized calendar template on Overleaf.