Alternative Software for Top2005+ Universal Programmer

Please read the wiki for a detailed description of the programme.

Latest news:

At present u2pa only supports the Top programmer Top2005+. As this is the only Top programmer I own, I can't implement support for any others. Should anyone however, wish to donate me a different Top programmer (new? used? doesn't matter as long as it works), I'll try to do an effort to implement support for it.

20140317: The new release will feature:

  • Reading of a lot of bipolar PROMs implemented in xml:
    • N82S131 (AM27S13, 93466)
    • N82S129 (TBP24S10, MMI6301, MMI63s141, IM5623, N82S126, 7610)
    • N82S123 (TBP18S030, MMI6331, IM5610, N82S23)
    • N82S195 (HM1-76165-5)
    • N82S181 (MB7132, HM1-7631-5)
    • N82S141 (MMI-6341-1J)
    • N82S191 (AM27S191) are read without further ado, whereas these
    • N82S185 (HM1-7685-5)
    • N82S137 (MB7122, 63S441, HM1-7643-5) requires a single jumper wire for GND connection as they are dil18
  • An alias system for roms
  • Support for defining adaptors in XML
  • A simple vector test
  • The ability to generate CUPL-equations from binary dumps of a small roms

It's not quite finished yet, but you can get the "bleeding edge code" by checking out the tip of the repo, or by using the "Download zip" function on the "Source" tab.