Attendees should have an amount_owed field like Groups

Issue #4 wontfix
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Both attendee and group registrations have a dynamically calculated "how much does this registration cost" amount. However, group registrations have the option to manually override this, to apply discounts or extra charges for upgrading a registration, etc. This allows us to dynamically generate Paypal buttons with the correct amount which are tied to the group.

This should be implemented for Attendees as well, as it will allow us to e.g. upgrade people's registrations, etc.

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  1. EliAndrewC reporter

    So this is actually obviated by issue #10, since we can now generate payment buttons without changing the amount owed. This will allow us to generate payment links which are tied to someone's account without needing to first change their amount owed in our database. (Groups will still work the same way.)

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